Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are more house builders turning to wood as a preferred construction material?
Advanced wood technology has made the construction process faster and more efficient. This has led to higher building standards and more energy efficient structures.

Do log and timber frame homes meet fire regulations?
NewTecHome's log and timber frame constructions meet British and European fire standards and are accepted by insurance and finance companies.
People often worry that log homes are particularly non-resistant to fire. Though wood is an organic and combustible material, its insulating and charring properties enable log homes to remain more structurally intact than concrete and steel when exposed to fire (wood chars at 300 F).

Log Homes Council (2008) Fire Performance of Log Walls, National Association of Homes Builders, US. Fire safety in Timber Buildings Technical Guideline for Europe, SP Report (2010:1)
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Is wood more expensive to build with than conventional building materials?
The methods used to build wooden structures are less time consuming than those required by conventional builds. This ensures that the construction process is more cost effective. Providing these builds are designed appropriately and built with the correct materials and technological knowledge, they are also cheaper to maintain.

Can log or timber frame homes be built on an existing foundation developed for a conventional brick home?
Log walls in log homes form the main load bearing structure and simply replace the masonry structure. Our timber frame, low energy or passive systems also have this capacity. However, if clients require an external brick finish, we may need to advisethem on minor structural adjustments.

Is any specialist equipment or machinery required to build with log or timber frame?
A telescopic forklift used for unloading material is a core requirement of these builds; it is normally kept on site until the last delivery, or when no longer needed. When constructing one of our pre-fabricated homes, a crane is often more suitable, depending on the size of the structure. Even though our log and timber frame homes are pre-manufactured, power tools will always be required throughout the construction process. For log homes, some specialist hand tools are required.

Can wooden homes be built with brick on the out side?
The flexibility of our external frame system allows us to compliment brick finishes with innovative internal designs that integrate wood, steel, glass or stone, thus encouraging creativity that is consistent with any environment.

Can wooden homes be built in flood risk areas?
NewTecHomes offers three build options for floor risk areas.
Option 1:Homes built on stilts.
Option 2: Homes built above basements designed to flood; these basements offer substantial storage space and parking options throughout dry periods.
Option 3: Homes set on anchored rafts that merely lower as flood water recedes.

Are wooden homes warmer than conventional brick homes?
Wood naturally retains heat and reduces energy consumption. This is an advantage because our log homes are built with an internal log structure that maximises this benefit. Our log homes are also built with an external insulation frame that performs well above the standard of conventional log home systems, making our unique product not just ecological but low energy and passive. Our external three layered, low energy foundation system is also used when constructing our timber frame and passive homes, in order to prevent thermal bridging; this is a key contributory factor to low energy and passive performance.

How long do wooden homes last?
Our engineering capabilities and use of high quality materials protects against the elements and ensures that the external shell of our log and timber frame homes insulates main structures and shields them from the environment. This technique creates structures that will last for generations.

How sound proof are wooden homes?
Our homes have better acoustic insulation than conventional homes and we can increase performance in environments of high noise pollution; for example builds in close proximity to motorways and airports. Triple glazed windows are standard in all our homes.

I already have planning permission for a conventional build but I'd now like a NewTecHome; do I need to reapply for planning permission?
Our log and timber frame systems are designed for flexible external finishes that can be complimented by wood, steel, glass or stone; we have the capacity to meet your needs alongside those set by local planning. Internal finishes can be altered to clients' wishes, providing there is no structural change.

Can I be involved in the construction of my NewTecHome?
The Director of NewTecHomes, Paul Sherratt, engineered and supervised multiple self builds across Europe when he directed a German based company registered under the German Masters Certification for Wood Construction. Therefore NewTecHomes is in the unique position to offer self build options that range from project management to supervised participation. read more

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