NewTecHomes Self-Build

A Self build can be a cost effective way to build your home when planned, designed and organised correctly. While this building method is becoming increasingly recognised and popular in the UK, client involvement tends to be confined to aspects of planning, project management and low level participation in the build process.

Few developers can offer self builds in the way that NewTecHomes can because our concepts and build systems offer particularly high levels of client involvement. The progressive and flexible nature of the materials we use means that anyone can get involved. Furthermore, our material comes pre-cut, numbered and easy to assemble, it is delivered in the order required for the build, and this makes for a good clean construction site that is easy to negotiate and manage at all times.

Under the German Masters Certification for Wood Construction, Paul Sherratt, the company's director has engineered and supervised multiple self builds across Europe, including the UK. Paul has experience of supervising the full range of self build options – from partial to full client participation alongside his team, to those comprised of untrained clients, their family and friends. In all cases , clients have reported their enjoyment of the process and references are available on request.

Building your own home can be an exciting and hugely rewarding experience; aside from the cost effectiveness of the self build method, it provides clients with increased opportunities to shape and oversee the development and construction of their home, from start to finish.
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The Construction Process

The principles and concepts which underpin NewTecHomes' philosophy of high quality, sustainable efficiency also inform our construction process which is simple, intuitive and clean.

Our material comes pre-cut, numbered and wrapped in protective sheeting for transportation and on-site storage. This method allows us maximum transport efficiency; for example, a small modular home can be delivered on one lorry, while a larger family home requires between three and six, depending on size and design. The larger the home, the longer the build time, which is why the material is delivered to order, as and when required. This helps to maintain a good clean construction site at all times and ensures space for further deliveries throughout the construction process.

In order to begin the first phase of construction, the site and foundations are always prepared and ready before the first delivery arrives. This consists of the pre-cut package of machined and numbered wooden sections with necessary fixings, alongside materials and components to complete the home. Once the material has been unloaded, checked and organised, the logs are assembled to form the walls and main load-bearing structure. The whole process is surprisingly clean and somewhat faster than traditional builds, for example, the main log wall structure and intermediate floor for a large family home takes between one and two weeks to assemble.

The second stage of the process completes the external finish of the build. The point at which the roof is assembled depends on the structural log system and design, which also determines when the insulation and internal work can begin.

The third and final stage of the build is normally started as soon as the roof is weather tight. This phase sees the plumbing, electrics, kitchen, bathroom furnishings and second-fix components such as floors, doors and stairs integrated into the build. At this point windows, external doors, verandas and separate structures such as carports, garages or annexes can also be added. Completion for turn key finish takes between one and three months, depending on the size and design of the home.

The eco-philosophy which underpins our builds from start to finish means that wherever possible, we strive to employ local companies and tradespeople throughout.